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  • Wed, 11:37: RT @rileyjsilverman: Is there any story more perfectly British than the fact that they refused to name a boat Boaty McBoatface because it w…
  • Wed, 11:37: RT @LibyaLiberty: If the debate is “but are they REALLY concentration camps”, that’s a pretty good sign that they’re concentration camps.
  • Wed, 11:37: RT @landrist: I did my dissertation on #ConcentrationCamps, so I have a few thoughts about @AOC's use of the term to describe the build up…
  • Wed, 11:37: RT @SangledHere: elon musk /was/ disrespectful with art credit, but this is a relatively small act to condemn. worker conditions for tesla…
  • Wed, 11:38: RT @notviking: cough drops should really be called anti-cough drops. if you showed me a product called "cough drops" i would automatically…
  • Wed, 11:39: RT @jon_snow_420: every time i see an actress who is tiny i google her height just to own myself. julie benz is two inches taller than me
  • Wed, 11:39: RT @MaraWilson: @BAKKOOONN https://t.co/VHmU6rtjIk
  • Wed, 11:39: RT @captainkalvis: date: so tell me about yourself me: i am comprised of atoms date: haha no like what do you do me: i pump blood thro…
  • Wed, 11:41: RT @s8n: Just put a padlock through Jesus’s holes in his hands while he was praying
  • Wed, 11:42: RT @MaraWilson: Yes, basic rules were set up after Jackie Coogan‘s parents took his money. But John Landis ignored child labor protocols an…
Tags: #climateanxieties, #concentrationcamps, #juneteenth, #juneteenth2019, #wehaverights, twitter
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