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Hit Children
I had a strange, but kind of hilarious in a twisted way, dream.

So I was waiting in line in a store, bored, just leaning over my cart waiting, and there's these people harassing everyone about giving to their charities, not like, politely or anything, but like with threats. So this lady comes up and demands that I give at least $30 to her widow and orphan charity, and I'm like "...no." and she's like "I will eat your children." and I'm like "o_O I don't have any, don't want any, don't care about any, but for someone who supposedly does, you have issues." then she bingos me with "But you will someday!" so I fire back with "Hey, if someday you wanna eat the medical waste from my abortion, go for it. Give me your number and I'll call you from the clinic if it happens." Woman: !!! D: D: D: D: *flees*

Then I wake up laughing. And coughing. (stupid cold)

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