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  • Mon, 04:06: RT @lkmcgann: There's an epidemic in this country of not believing men when they say they've committed sexual assault https://t.co/xHqDAILC
  • Mon, 04:10: RT @pookleblinky: So you're a woman online and a man is spamming you with harassment. Death and rape threats, graphic pictures, doxxing
  • Mon, 04:10: RT @GavinNewsom: 7 American Navy sailors have been determined dead, and our Commander in Chief is tweeting about....himself. Appalling. h…
  • Mon, 04:12: RT @tomscocca: As ever, no other section of the paper describes the workings of our system as unflinchingly and honestly as Real Estate doe…
  • Mon, 04:14: RT @Ornyadams: Wrong? You walk around all day and think you've burned so many calories you mistakingly think, "I can eat a hamburger. I ear…
  • Mon, 04:15: RT @JoeBerkowitz: Happy Father's Day exclusively to dads who didn't vote for Trump.
  • Mon, 04:18: RT @samjhewett: This dog followed the google earth guy https://t.co/8TD3buLh30
  • Mon, 04:20: RT @ali_west: cant believe I spent years thinking I really wanted to eat half melted ice cream bc of that scene in Jurassic Park but really…
  • Mon, 04:21: RT @kateleth: Happy Fathers' Day! If you don't have a dad or have a bad dad situation, don't worry. I'll be your daddy today
  • Mon, 04:24: RT @SUNPRlNCE: Welp looks like I'll just die https://t.co/dZ7KkAL41K


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