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Being Human (UK) reactions
ladydrusilla17 12:01 am
...UK Being Human is still going...I thought it ended when George staked Mitchel...but it's still going and now in 2037.....
vampires took over the world

ladydrusilla17 12:07 am
Nina's dead...George is crazy and spends 24 hours a day covered in crosses clutching a stake hovering over his baby

ladydrusilla17 12:22 am
lol George got a dog crate for his baby...cause she's a werewolf

ladydrusilla17 12:26 am
....there's another werewolf/vampire/ghost bffs, but the werewolf is dying of old age/transforming stress on the body, and the ghost and vampire are crying

ladydrusilla17 12:33 am
Annie named the baby Splodge

ladydrusilla17 12:38 am
vampires broke in(after getting invited by CPS...)and stole the baby

ladydrusilla17 12:41 am
Baby: *does not transform* Vampires: ....it's human. ...anyone wanna eat a baby?

ladydrusilla17 1:11 am
:-( George tricked his body into half transforming into the wolf to kill the fuck out of the vampires, then died...from every organ shutting down
...this show sucks now. Mitchel/George was what made the show good! Should have had last season with George whispering "I do this because I love you" to Mitchel right before he stakes him, be the shows end.

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